Refund Request

We apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced while using ParkChicago© or one of our pay boxes. Please follow these simple steps to submit a Refund Request Form and we will investigate your claim.

Please note that you must submit your refund request within 30 days of the original transaction date.

  1. Document the six-digit pay box Meter ID/Zone# (located at the bottom of the information placard or on the street signs) and the time the transaction occurred.
  2. Print the “Refund Request Form”. If you do not have Internet access, call our Helpdesk at (877)242-7901 and one of our agents can mail you the form.
  3. Complete the Refund Request Form. Incomplete forms cannot be processed.

    If you are requesting a refund for a credit card transaction used at the pay box, complete the Credit Card Information section. Do not write or submit an image of your complete credit card number.
  4. Email or mail the completed form with all supporting documents to:
    • or
    • LAZ Parking Chicago
      c/o Parking Meter Refunds
      PO Box 8210
      Chicago, IL 60680
  5. We’ll inform you of the refund status along with a reference number for your claim. Please allow 45 days for review and processing.

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